Current Events

Newspapers of Record

New York Times
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post

Major Domestic Newspapers
Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune
Dallas Morning News
Denver Post
Detroit Free Press
Houston Chronicle
Los Angeles Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
USA Today

Major International Newspapers
Christian Science Monitor
Deutsche Welle
Financial Times
The Guardian
International Herald Tribune
London Times

Online Political News
Drudge Report

The Daily Dish – Libertarian
Daily Kos – Liberal
Hot Air – Conservative
Huffington Post – Liberal
Instapundit – Conservative
Little Green Footballs – Conservative
Michelle Malkin – Conservative
MyDD – Liberal
Red State – Conservative
Talking Points Memo – Liberal
Wonkette – Liberal

Mainstream News Networks
ABC News
BBC News
CBS News
Fox News

Major News Magazines
The Economist
U.S. News and World Report

Specialty News Magazines
The American Spectator – Conservative
The Atlantic
Business Week
Congressional Quarterly
Current History
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
International Security
Mother Jones – Liberal
The Nation – Liberal
National Review – Conservative
The New Republic – Liberal
Policy Review – Conservative
The Week
The Weekly Standard – Conservative
World Affairs
World Politics

Television News Magazines
Dateline NBC
Frontline: World
48 Hours
60 Minutes

Government Resources

Legislative Resources
CQ Weekly
The Hill
The National Journal
Roll Call
Thomas – Library of Congress legislation records

Political Parties
Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee

Federal Election Commission
Gallup Poll
Open Secrets
Polling Report
Project Vote Smart
Real Clear Politics

Government Agencies
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Census Bureau
Congressional Budget Office
Department of Homeland Security
Environmental Protection Agency
Food and Drug Administration

Issue Overviews, Country Profiles, and Reference Sources
Background Notes – Department of State
CIA World Factbook
Country Studies – Library of Congress
Current Events – Listed by year and month
Public Agenda
Stateline – Issues at state level

Think Tanks

Some of the think tanks listed below can also be classified as interest groups due to their advocacy on select issues and close association with lobbyists

General Focus Think Tanks
Brookings Institution – Moderate to liberal
Cato Institute – Libertarian
Heritage Foundation – Conservative

Special Focus Think Tanks
AARP Public Policy Institute – Elderly healthcare
Acton Institute – Religion
American Consumer Institute – Corporate response to consumer advocacy groups
American Enterprise Institute – Neoconservative
American Foreign Policy Council – Conservative
American Institute for Economic Research
American Institutes for Research – Behavioral and social sciences
American Legislative Exchange Council – Conservative; State legislation
Amnesty International – Human rights
Angus Reid Global Scan – International public opinion
Annenberg Public Policy Center – Media and political communication
Aspen Institute – General domestic and international policy
Atlantic Council of the United States – NATO
Brennan Center – Justice system
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carter Center – Human rights and humanitarian efforts
Center for Advanced Defense Studies
Center for American Progress
– Liberal
Center for a New American Security
Center for Defense Information – Liberal; Military and national security
Center for Economic and Policy Research
Center for Education Reform – Conservative
Center for Global Development – International development and aid
Center for International Policy
Center for Immigration Studies
Center for Law and Social Policy – Poverty
Center for National Policy – Liberal; Infrastructure and national security
Center for Progressive Reform – Liberal; Healthcare, environment, and regulations
Center for Public Integrity
Center for Reproductive Rights – Pro-Abortion
Center for Responsive Politics – Lobbyists and campaign contributions
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Center for Security Policy
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Center for Women Policy Studies
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities – Progressive
Child Trends – Parenting and family policy
Citizens Against  Government Waste – Earmarks and pork barrel spending
Claremont Institute – Conservative
Committee for Economic Development – Pro-business
Committee on the Present Danger – Terrorism and national security
Competitive Enterprise Institute – Conservative
Constitution Project – Constitutional law
Council on Foreign Relations – Foreign policy
Council on Hemispheric Affairs – Latin America and Canada
Democracy Corps – Liberal
Demos – Election reform and economics
Discovery Institute – Religious activism
Economic Policy Institute – Liberal
Economic Strategy Institute – Globalization
Education Sector – Education
Employee Benefit Research Institute
Environmental Law Institute
Ethics and Public Policy Center – Christian conservatives
Facing Up – Federal budget deficit
Foundation for Economic Education – Conservative
Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
Fordham Foundation – Education
Foreign Policy in Focus
Foreign Policy Research Institute – Foreign policy and think tanks in general
Free Congress Foundation – Conservative
Future of American Democracy Foundation – Centrist
Goldwater Institute – Conservative/libertarian
Group of Thirty – International economics
Hastings Center – Bioethics
Heartland Institute
Hoover Institution – Conservative
Horowitz Freedom Center – Conservative
Hudson Institute – Conservative
Independent Institute
Inform, Inc. – Environment and public health
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Institute for Collaborative Engagement – Human rights and international relations
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Institute for Food and Development Policy
Institute for Justice
Institute for Policy Innovation
Institute for Policy Studies – Liberal
Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation – Conservative
Institute for Science and International Security
Institute for Women’s Policy Research
International Center for Research on Women – Gender equality and women’s health
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
International Relations Center – Latin America and immigration
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs
Jamestown Foundation – Terrorism in Eurasia, China, and the Caucasus
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies – African Americans
Kaiser Family Foundation – Healthcare and medicine
Lexington Institute – Conservative
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research – Conservative to libertarian
Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation – Poverty
Middle East Forum – Conservative
Milken Institute – Economics
Mises Institute – Economics
National Academy of Social Insurance – Social Security
National Bureau of Asian Research
National Bureau of Economic Research – Economics
National Center for Policy Analysis – Conservative
National Center for Public Policy Research – Conservative
National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research
National Institute for Latino Policy
National Strategy Information Center – National security
New America Foundation
Nuclear Threat Initiative
Odum Institute – Polling
Open Society Institute
Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation – Public health, safety, and education
Pacific Research Institute – Conservative
Peterson Institute for International Economics
PEW Research Center – Media and public opinion
Political Research Associates – Liberal; Studies conservatives
Population Council – Healthcare, reproduction, STDs, and developing countries
Progress and Freedom Foundation – Conservative; Digital media and technology
Progressive Policy Institute – “Third Way” politics
Project for the New American Century – Neoconservative
Public Citizen – Government accountability and public safety
RAND Corporation – Military and national security
Reason Foundation – Libertarian
Resources for the Future – Environment, energy, and natural resources
Ripon Society – Moderate Republicans
Rocky Mountain Institute – Sustainable development, energy, and vehicle efficiency
Roosevelt Institution – Student-led think tank
Roper Center – Polling
Rutherford Institute – Conservative; Civil liberties litigation
Southern Center for International Studies
Stanley Foundation – Global security, multilateralism, and arms control
Stimson Center – Global and regional security
Tax Foundation – Conservative
Third Way – Moderate to liberal
Third World Network
Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Urban Institute – Social programs
Urban Land Institute – Land use, housing, and sustainable development
World Institute on Disability
World Resources Institute – Environment
Worldwatch Institute – Sustainable development and the environment

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