Posted by: The moderator | April 10, 2012


With Rick Santorum finally bowing out of the race, we can move on to the real showdown between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Nevermind that Romney’s chances of energizing any voters are slim at best. The Republicans were hoping Obamacare would become an liability for the president in the campaign, especially if the Supreme Court strikes it down this summer. Now it doesn’t really matter since Romney’s health reforms in Massachusetts spawned Obamacare. Its going to be a strange campaign season this year.



  1. It’s about time that he bowed out. His staying in the race only led to money drained from Romney’s camp which could have been used against Obama. I now hope the Republicans can get their act together and rally behind Romney.

  2. Took long enough, right? When do you think Gingrich will drop out officially?

  3. agree it will be a strange campaign…. we’ll see what happens next

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