Posted by: The moderator | April 8, 2012

The Magic Wears Off

Apple’s new iPhones and iPads, while accompanied by the usual rave reviews when they were released in October and March, are proving to be troublesome for Apple just a few months later. First there were reports that the iPad 3 was overheating, a complaint that made 2010’s iPhone 4 reception issues seem trivial. Now Apple is running into legal challenges in the United States and overseas for false advertising regarding both the iPad 3 and the iPhone 4S.

Now that 3G and 4G networks are no longer limited to North America, people around the world are snatching up the 4G enabled iPad 3 expecting it to work in their own country. The problem is that 4G networks in Europe and elsewhere operate at different frequencies and are therefore incompatible with the iPad 3. That hasn’t stopped Apple from marketing their 4G product to international customers, resulted in legal challenges in Australia and Britain.

This comes less than a month after customers started suing Apple in the United States for false advertising regarding Siri, the personal assistant built into the iPhone 4S. It seems Siri doesn’t really understand many people’s commands out-of-the-box and even after extensively playing with the device, the results you’ll get are a far cry from the television ads.

Looks like the iPad and iPhone are not as magical as they once were. Maybe it’s because Apple’s customers have grown older and are more jaded in their approach to technology. Maybe it’s because Apple no longer has Steve Jobs to soothe upset customers. Or maybe it’s because Apple has been going overboard in advertising new versions of their products when these new iPads and iPhones are really just minor upgrades of the previous generation. Regardless, Apple’s ridiculous stock surge hides a much darker forecast for the company if their products don’t live up their promises.



  1. In addition to the issue of Siri and 4G, a friend of mine got an iPhone 4S and the device make the theft alert system ring whenever she enters a store… lol

  2. i think you were absolutely right in saying people have high expectations for products that are really just minor upgrades. i still can’t get passed the fact iPhones are made of glass — so rude! what i’ve found, though, is that people who are true technology nerds (no disrespect intended!) prefer the Android and Google phones.

  3. You really think they prefer the Android and Google products? I’ve found people end up having a lot of the same complaints, but I also opted the iPhone 4 as opposed to 4S because I didn’t want to pay the extra $100, so I wouldn’t really classify myself as a technology nerd 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you posted this. I’m up for an upgrade in a month and have been debating whether or not to stick with the Droid operating system or switch to an apple. I have a mac computer but I also have a kindle fire. I’m still debating but this is a great tid bit to know!

  5. Consumers don’t understand that 4G doesn’t work everywhere and that there’s no iPad International Plan for overseas. This is the fault of Apple?

  6. agreed…. but Steve Jobs was a mythical figure who could fix everything. CAn Tim Cook?

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