Posted by: The moderator | March 25, 2012

New Leader, Old Shenanigans

President Obama visits the DMZ between North and South Korea

With President Obama visiting South Korea this week for a nuclear summit, all eyes turn to the North where the communist state is preparing a satellite launch using missile technology that violates a deal the United States struck with North Korea earlier this month. It’s hard to negotiate with a country that routinely breaks its promises.

With the death of Kim Jong Il in December, nobody knows how his son and successor, Kim Jong Un, will lead the isolated country. Some commentators even believe Kim Jong Un will be more hardline than his father. That’s assuming Kim Jong Un is actually in charge, with President Obama admitting “It’s not clear exactly who is calling the shots and what their long-term objectives are.”

Ever since the Bush administration lumped North Korea into its “Axis of Evil,” I’ve felt that the United States has failed to really follow through with any meaningful change in our relations with the North Koreans. Our policy of isolating the North while pursuing UN resolutions and piecemeal agreements has been as successful as our decades-long hostility toward Cuba, with little results in either case. With the United States redeploying many of the troops withdrawn from Iraq to garrisons throughout Asia, are we hoping our military might can provide more leverage in negotiations? Can we expect anything new from this new leader or will he be controlled by his father’s advisers? What would it take to really make a change?



  1. It will be interesting to see what happens with Kim Jong Un in the coming months. I hope for the people of North Korea that he’s more rational than his father.

  2. it’s interesting that we still have a DMZ, no?

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