Posted by: The moderator | April 12, 2010

So much for 2010

A blog over at Fox argues that we’ve already seen all Congress has to offer this year. The Senate is tired from the drama that was healthcare reform and the few big items on the agenda are likely to be pigeonholed for the rest of the term. Meanwhile, members of the House are already looking toward the election and starting their never-ending campaign earlier than ever. With many congressmen and women sneaking out to jumpstart campaigns back in their districts, the only activity we’ll see in each chamber of Congress will be partisan hooting and hollering crafted for campaign commercials.

Democrats are trying to mold a message for their moderate incumbents who are imperiled by the passage of the healthcare bill. While the Republicans are confident that they can woo voters upset with the healthcare bill, they appear to have their hands full trying to get a grip on the unruly Tea Party that threatens to tear the GOP in half.

We’re only halfway through April, but the year’s already over in Washington…


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