Posted by: The moderator | March 29, 2010

Republicans Resurging in California

CNN has an interesting article about how the Republican Party’s history mixes with California voters. Between WWII and 1988, every time the Republicans won the presidency there was a California connection (and they carried the state as a result). As California’s economy changed after the end of the Cold War and surges of new immigrants favored the Democrats, the Republicans lost their massive electoral jewel. Luckily for the Republicans, Texas replaced California in the GOP base. The result was that Texans began demanding more attention in the party and rose to positions of leadership (culminating in the presidency of George W. Bush).

Now the GOP is making headway in California again. Arnold Schwarzenegger proved that Republicans could win state-wide office, but it is the flailing campaign of Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer that really opens the door of opportunity for Republicans. They could gain a voice in Congress using a supposedly progressive, solid-blue state (just like they recently did in Massachusetts except larger). If the GOP can build a strong base in California while retaining their base in Texas (the two most populous states in the country) then they could be unstoppable. Of course, many Republicans in Texas don’t share the same vision as Republicans in California, so we might be in for some intra-party power struggles. I’m looking forward to the drama ahead…


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