Posted by: The moderator | March 21, 2010


The Senate’s healthcare bill has passed the House by a close party-line vote, sending it to President Obama for his signature. For better or for worse, it is now a done deal. Sure, there’s still the reconciliation bill that’s been sent to the Senate to “fix” a few things and Obama will supposedly be issuing an executive order to prohibit abortions (a last-minute promise made to secure the votes of pro-life Democrats), but for the most part this political saga has finally come to a close. I’m ready for something new.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of campaign season. We’ll be seeing the price of healthcare reform and labels like “socialist” rehashed over and over again. The Republicans didn’t get the vocal roll-call vote they wanted to use in their political ads, but the party-line electronic vote will still resonant with many voters. I’m pretty sure some Democrats will lose their seats, partly because of this national debate and partly because the majority party traditionally loses seats in the years after being swept into power in a victorious election. For the congressmen and congresswomen who have sacrificed their political careers this year, the question is now “was it worth it?”


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