Posted by: The moderator | March 10, 2010


The Senate Sergent at Arms sent out notices warning that government computers were becoming infected by viruses by visiting the Drudge Report and Since then, the Sergent at Arms has been distancing himself from the questionable source of the viruses. I visit Drudge at least a couple times each day and I’ve occasionally used to do a reverse look-up on strange calls. None of my computers has ever been infected by either site.

This could just be some stupid bureaucrat giving technical advice when he really doesn’t know a keyboard from a motherboard, but I have a feeling someone in Congress didn’t want people visiting Drudge. Obviously, the Republicans in the Senate say the Democrats are behind this. Of course, now would be an opportune time for the Democrats to cast doubt on Drudge, since the Drudge Report has been focusing on the flailing healthcare legislation and the crazed ramblings of a disgraced, perverted Democrat who’s been blaming Rahm Emanuel for his recent removal from Congress.

Censorship is a big no-no in the United States, where democracy rests in the arms of free speech and a free press. However, spreading fear for political gains has become a major part of politics in this country. At various points in the past twenty years, we’ve been told to fear communists, socialists, terrorists, corporations, Swine Flu, gay people, Muslim-sounding names, large government programs, taxes, and a slew of other things. Despite these fears, we’ve managed not to vilify the news media (for the most part). If the government tries to scare you away from opposing views on a political medium because a big bad virus is out to get you, isn’t that censorship?

*Note to Senate leaders: invest in virus protection software and stop looking at porn


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