Posted by: The moderator | March 3, 2010

Fighting Food Fraud

The Food and Drug Administration is stepping up enforcement of laws regarding deceptive health claims in food marketing. The FDA sent POM Wonderful a warning letter for insinuating that drinking more of their pomegranate juice could help men hold longer erections and prevent prostate cancer. Juicy Juice has gotten in trouble for marketing “100% Natural Grape Juice” when it’s actually a blend of flavors. Nestle has been warned about their labels on ice cream and Gerber baby food for highlighting “zero grams of trans fat” without mentioning that the products are loaded full of saturated fat.

I’m glad the FDA is doing their job again. While people ultimately make their own decisions, the number of individuals who don’t know basic dieting and nutrition information is appalling. Laws requiring nutrition labels and preventing false and misleading advertising are designed to help people make informed decisions in the supermarket even if they don’t have a degree in the health sciences. It is the FDA’s job to prevent food manufacturers from preying on the uninformed and gullible people in our society, who’s failing health later in life becomes our Medicare and Medicaid burden.

Now they just need to regulate those questionable herbal supplements sold on television…



  1. POM supports its scientific research and advocates honest labeling. We look forward to working with the FDA to resolve this matter.

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