Posted by: The moderator | February 22, 2010

Toyota heads to Washington

I thought America’s automotive industry would benefit from the brake problems afflicting several of Toyota’s most popular models which have resulted in a halt in production and discussions of a repair/recall. There were certainly efforts by Ford and GM to cash in on Toyota’s misfortune, with both companies trumpeting safety and dependability in their most recent TV ads while poor Toyota just issued apologies. The problem is, Toyota employs a large number of people in the United States and their cars make up a significant part of the auto business in this country (not to mention the Prius is a pretty big deal among environmentalists).

Now Congress wants to get involved with this debacle and Toyota’s dirty laundry is being showcased for political reasons. Let’s face it, regulations are almost always bad for business. The Democrats will definitely try to impose some while they’re in control, particularly in regards to pollution. If they step too far with those regulations, they could keep the auto industry in a permanent state of decline. I’m all for reducing pollution when we have an opportunity, but I’d like to see the economy improve a bit more before we butcher the few car companies that haven’t been swallowed by the government. What do you think?


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