Posted by: The moderator | January 26, 2010

No Surprises Left?

President Obama has been leaking the details of his State of the Union since late last week. He’s championing a 3-year spending freeze on domestic programs, stronger regulations in the banking sector, larger tax credits for families with children, and caps on student loan payments. The Moderate Voice notes that tomorrow’s speech before both chambers of Congress will already be old news.

Maybe he’s testing the public reaction to his ideas before committing to them in the highly publicized State of the Union address. Maybe he’s trying to take some of the wind out of the Republicans’ sails prior to the speech, hoping to prevent another “you lie!” incident. Maybe he’s buying time while a bigger, better plan for his second year is being formulated.

I’m just afraid that he’ll leave us wondering why we even bothered to watch a rehash of policy proposals we’ve already heard about. With healthcare reform struck down by “a buzz-saw” after being dragged through the media for so many months, I’m open to the administration revealing a surprising new direction.


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