Posted by: The moderator | November 30, 2009

Poor Tiger

As you’ve no doubt heard already, Tiger Woods got in a minor car accident outside his home, hitting a fire hydrant and smacking into a tree. No alcohol involved, but plenty of questions surround the relationship of Tiger and Mrs. Woods. Did she smash the SUV’s back window with a golf club to save him or was she running after him with that golf club after learning of an affair? The second interpretation of the events, widely speculated upon by TMZ and the gossip blogs can’t be confirmed or denied right now since Tiger is refusing to talk to the police about it.

Poor Tiger was once an unsullied athletic role model, but now it’s all called into question because the rumor mill has gotten their hands on some raw controversy with few satisfying answers from those involved.

As a public figure, he’s game for this kind of obsessive celebrity coverage. But is it really news? James Poniewozik at Time says the mainstream media tends to jump on the gossip bandwagon out of necessity, but they try to appear more objective and high-brow than their TMZ counterparts. Unfortunately, these carefully crafted reports tend to please neither the old Cronkite generation nor the young Twitter generation. In this case, the middle course isn’t winning anyone over.

Should the mainstream media stick to principles or keep up with new viewers (and ratings)? Is there still a third way?


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