Posted by: The moderator | November 15, 2009

Obama in Japan

This Bow Stole All the Headlines

With the news media focusing on Obama bowing before the Japanese emperor and visiting a town named Obama, the president’s reason for being over there seems to have been forgotten. Here’s an overview to jog some memories.

Jerry Remmers at The Moderate Voice has a nice opinion piece regarding the obsessive coverage of Obama’s bow by the news media (particularly conservative outlets). Here’s an sample:

I see Obama as showing respect to the other world leaders by recognizing their customs. That doesn’t diminish our role in international affairs. It enhances it. And, in the case of Japan and China, it’s not like he is giving away the key to our treasury. Hell, they already own it by acquiring our debt.

So what’s the problem? It’s what I call the Ugly American Syndrome. It’s the belief we are the greatest country on earth and if others don’t like it then stuff it. If others still resist, we will nuke them.


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