Posted by: The moderator | October 22, 2009

Two Drug Policies

Attorney General Eric Holder announced the biggest roundup of Mexican drug dealers in US history. It’s nice to see years of police work finally result in the arrests of a big Mexican cartel, La Familia. Plus, now we’ve got their stash of weapons and cash. Of course, this comes as drug violence continues to escalate across the border in Mexico.


However, it seems curious that the administration’s drug busts come just days after announcing that Federal authorities will no longer arrest patients using marijuana for medicinal purposes in states that allow medicinal marijuana. It almost seems like the two events were purposely staged this week, with one event reversing a Bush-era policy that was one of Obama’s campaign promises while the other uses an operation started under Bush to reassure Americans that Obama will continue to be tough on illegal drugs.

Is Obama tough on drugs or is this all just political theater? Should medicinal marijuana in California be legal while Mexican marijuana remains in the realm of criminal druglords? Are we winning the “war on drugs” or has it evolved into something far more complicated?


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