Posted by: The moderator | October 20, 2009

Gender and Health Insurance

Apparently women cost more to insure, whether it be because of maternity care or the fact that they’re “more likely to visit their physicians than men.” Nobody seems to care that men avoid the doctor like the plague until they need serious (expensive) treatment.

Newsweek gives an interesting reply to wommed_shielden’s rights activists who, for good reason, are upset that women are charged up to 45 percent more than men (up to 150 percent in Kentucky during the 1990s). At the end of the day, looks like women have to pay more or else men opt out of the system and the whole Ponzi scheme falls apart. Insurance has always been about making the healthy pay to subsidize the sick. Fear of illness is what keeps insurers in business.

It is a little curious that the difference fluctuates so much depending on insurance company and state. Makes you wonder if there’s something else behind the higher prices for women. Maybe women are more willing to pay for insurance, giving insurers the opportunity to price gouge women. But if you really think about it, women are getting far better returns on their investment. Female life expectancy in the United States still leaves men in the dust.


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