Posted by: The moderator | October 19, 2009

The Start of Something

This is the start of something new.

In the past few months, I have noticed a certain lack of civility in American politics. Fighting, name-calling, fear-mongering, rumors, distortions, and outright deception have long ago replaced reasoned discussion. However, the most recent fights over healthcare, economic recovery, and deficits has given rise to furious masses clashing when the differences between sides are not that great.

Impassioned supporters of one camp ready themselves for battle by rehearsing talking points drilled into their heads by media personalities, politicians, family, and even unsolicited emails. The facts of a situation are secondary to the raw emotions on display and the attention these displays attract. If those energies were channeled into something productive instead of yelling at town hall meetings or demonizing people with opposing views, just think of the problems we could solve.

Obviously, this blog can not solve the world’s problems, but perhaps it can help bridge the divide between ideologues. Perhaps it can serve as an old-fashioned forum for civilized discussion, even on a medium where “forums” are digital homes for trolls conducting flame wars. Perhaps we can search for answers together, rather than tearing each other apart in a quest for dominance.

I will try to provide a portal to information around the world from various perspectives. I plan to draw attention to universally important issues as well as neglected topics. I’ll toss my own opinions into the arena from time to time, but my aim is to give people the tools to make up their own minds. The only thing I won’t do is tell people how to think. That’s up to you.


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